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Through the Chauffeur’s Eyes

Jerome Leonard is my name, otherwise known as Kool in the chauffeurs’ world.

Through The Chauffeur’s Eyes is a collection of real stories—limo brawls, drunk and high men and women, sexcapades, lovemaking after wine tours, outrageous bachelor and bachelorette parties, secret missions, celebrities like the Rolling Stones, top-notch executives (billionaires, CEOs, Special Ks)—all seen through my eyes throughout my career. You have to read it to believe it.

Pick up your copy now and let me take you on a journey through the chauffeur’s eyes. Order online and at your local bookstores. Hell, contact me via my website, Facebook, Instagram, or Tweeter.

Through The Chauffeur’s Eyes will be available on CD. Look for the special book signing tours, autographed books, T-shirts, and posters online.

Kool sends out a chauffeur hug to all his readers. You all rock, and may God bless you.

Peace, love, and happiness.


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