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Jerome Leonard, otherwise known as Kool in the chauffeur’s world, has over eighteen years of experience in driving executive luxury cars, buses, and limousines in San Francisco, California. Step back in time to the late ’90s, Jerome was working as a driver, delivering blueprints in Oakland, California, making minimum wages, and punching a time clock. He knew it was time for a career change. One day, while sitting in the lunch room with the other workers, he picked up the San Francisco newspaper. He checked out the Help Wanted ads and was intrigued by one that simply stated “Chauffeurs Wanted.”

He decided to check it out. After all, he had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Little did he know this decision would alter his life significantly. He called the company and was told to come to the interview wearing a black suit, white shirt, black shoes, and tie. He used his very last savings to purchase a suit and went to what would turn out to be his new career. Of course, fear tried to take over when he saw the vehicle he would be responsible to drive, but Jerome had goals and a family to support and motivation to kick fear in the butt and do this thing. He excelled in the interview and road test and was hired the same day! The money was good, and soon he became one of the top chauffeurs in the industry. Jerome credits the people who took a chance on him—Peyman, Felicia, and Saeed with the Limousine Companies—and changed his life and that of his family (twin daughters, Kalaylah and Shakaylah; sons, Jerome II and Edward; twin granddaughters, Isabella and LilyRose; grandsons, Julian, Javon, and Kayden; father, Victor Sr., deceased; mother, Angela; twin sister, Janet; brothers, Victor, deceased; and Carl).

It is with great pride, honor, honesty, integrity, professionalism, and knowledge that he represents this profession and has applied these principles for over eighteen years in his interaction with clients many of which have given him many rewards, such as increased finances, new friendships, and the life of being a celebrity in the chauffeur’s world.

This book first became an idea two years after his first drive. With his fiftieth birthday arriving soon, it was time to complete this lifelong goal and commit to completing what after twelve months of writing, editing, blood, sweat, and yes, even some tears: Through the Chauffeur’s Eyes. This is a source of great pride for Jerome, who has always tried to be an example to his children and teach them to make commitments to themselves to achieve success, and that success is equal to accomplishment.

The big winners are the people who will read this book and feel a part of his journey as a limousine chauffeur. Chapters like Limo Brawl, Sex in the Limo, Rolling with the Celebrities, Special Ks, The Limo Chase, The Chauffeur’s World, and others will have you laughing, crying, and holding your head throughout your journey.

Looking back at some of his charters makes him smile, cry, laugh, and hold his head up all at the same time, and it isn’t over yet. He’s looking forward to continuing his career in the chauffeur world, so when you see a limousine rolling down the street, Kool may be in it.

Don’t wait another day! Go to your local bookstore, use your smartphone, computer, or any other gadgets to order your copy of Through the Chauffeur’s Eyes. Hell! Contact me at my website,, Facebook, Instagram, or tweet me. You just might receive an autographed book, T-shirt, or poster.

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